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Anthracite Coal
The offered Anthracite Coal range is available in powder form. This is the purest powder state of activated carbon that is highly deployed for multiple cleaning and different applications. In addition, each pack is offered in safe packaging material to increase its shelf life.
Our Activated Carbon Cartridge range offers successful assimilation properties in amalgamation with ideal water circulation rate. However, several usages are present where granulated carbon is more ideal, for example, elimination of chloramines.
Coconut Shell Carbon Cartridge
Our business is delivering Coconut Shell Carbon Cartridge that is general earth based fixing. The 1-2 lbs of our cartridge endures over a week in normal quantified dumpster.

Waste Bin Deodorant
The provided Waste Bin Deodorant range is provided in condition cordial manner to the customers. it removes extreme scents every time, the customers spray it on their garbage and in their dustbins.
Odor Eliminator
Once some itmes are left in the refrigerator, it gives bad odor. Therefore, we are giving Refrigerator Deodorizer that includes a natural vermin hindrance agent to kill all the bacteria, virus and much more.
Have you ever bought a water bottle, which will help you in extreme survival as well as offers purified water whenever require. If not, then avail our Filtered Water Bottle range that effectively removes chlorine and its side effects from the consumable water.