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Granular Iron Hydroxide

Granular Iron Hydroxide
Granular Iron Hydroxide
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Product Description

Granular Iron Hydroxide For Effective Removal Of Arsenic From Water (MADE IN GERMANY)

Granular iron-hydroxide for effective removal of arsenic from water (MADE IN GERMANY)

Due to its chemical activity, iron (III) hydroxide is ideally suitable to bind arsenate ions in aqueous media. However, the technical application of this universal adsorbent failed in the past due to the fact that iron oxide is usually only available as a paste so that the complicated handling procedure prevented its use in filtering columns.

Today, a special process allows the production of iron hydroxide in a granular shape. Moreover, different grain sizes can be produced by grinding and sieving thus leading to many new different fields of application for iron (III) hydroxide.

Due to this important point, various fields of application for the chemical compound  Granular Iron Hydrozide  are arising.

An overview of the advantages

  • High cleaning effect at low costs
  • High charging performance due to a highly porous surface
  • Ecologically favourable due to the use of ferrous side products from water Treatment when being produced
  • Unproblematic and inexpensive waste disposal of the adsorptive agent (the producer guarantees to take back the waste)

Fields of application

At present Granular Iron Hydrozide  can be usefully applied for following purposes:

  • Separation of arsenate ions in drinking water treatment
  • Treatment of contaminated ground water during remediation of past pollution
  • Retention of contaminants in “reactive barriers”
  • Cleaning industrial waste water polluted with heavy metals

Packaging and Delivery

Granular Iron Hydrozide is delivered

  • In 25 kg plastic bags
  • In big bags

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